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CacheSight surfaces the most important metrics for you, so you can understand your cache's performance at a glance.

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Measure & Troubleshoot

CacheSight enables developers to measure performance and troubleshoot issues for Memcached.

Make sure your caching strategy is working as planned with unique insight into its performance. CacheSight delivers this insight by allowing you to watch prefixes to understand how various components of your cache are operating.

Maximize Memcached Performance on AWS

CacheSight works with any Memcache on AWS, including ElastiCache for Memcached.

Deploy and connect to your ElastiCache cluster in minutes from the AWS Marketplace. Then use CacheSight to make sure your cache is performing optimally and bug-free.

Cache with Confidence


Keys gives you insight into the most popular keys overall in your cache and how they are performing.


Prefixes is the most powerful feature in CacheSight. Watching prefixes enables you to analyse the performance of different parts of your caching strategy.

Recent Requests

Recent Requests displays requests from your cache’s logs. It is useful for quick debugging and making sure your cache is working as expected.

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